I am happy to give presentations to interested groups. These presentations can be in person or via zoom software.
I have visited camera clubs throughout England and Wales
At present I have four talks :-Windows of Opportunity
I Shoot People

Sept 6th Junction 36
9th Morton plus Durham
14th CPA Camera Club
16th Carnathan
20th Bridgend
" 22ndAfan Nedd
" 23rd Gwynfa
28th. Ruston
" 30th Cardiff
Oct 11th. Holmfirth
12th. Halifax
" 13th Hebbden Bridge
" 14th York
" 15th Ilkley
19th Dwyer
“. 20th. Kendal
25th Ellesmereport
26th Leeds zoom
27th Penrith zoom
28th Pyle and Porthcawl
Nov. 1st Oakley
2nd. Worchestershiire
4th Stokesley
8th Hemel Hempstead
15th Woodley
18th Tonbridge
25th Earlston
29th. Carlshalton
Dec 1st Faversham
7th Newent
20th Trinity

Jan 4th Cumbernauld and Kilsyth
6th Southwick
12th Canterbury
20th Hawreden
Feb 7th Edmonton
14th Thanet
17th f4 Photographic Group
28th Stowmarket
Mar 21st Folkestone
April 8th Staplehurst
11th Battle
27th Sittingbourne
May 25th Wycombe
June 5th Lincolnshire Mono